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Beauty Industry: Nail Suppliers, Distributors, Beauty Schools, Salons

We manufacture our own line of well established UV Nail Gels, made in the USA with top quality raw materials. Packaged in bulk from 55 Gallon drums to 5 Gallon pails.

Why Choose Us & Our Specialties:

-36 years in business, selling UV Nail Gels for 25 years

-Traditional UV Nail Gels are our biggest sellers:

  builders in clears and pinks, base and top coats

-Top quality raw materials used

-Made in the USA

-Products made fresh after each customer order

-Formulated by our own PhD, world-known Chemist & Founder

-Custom Formulations also available: specific to your company needs

25 years ago, ARMBRUSTER ASSOCIATES INC. was instrumental in pioneering UV Nail Gels. "You may not know our name, but you know our products" We have sold our high quality gels, private label to very large, well known companies in the industry who have put their own brand on OUR products.

Our Founder helped to create the technology behind the nail gels and has taught his expertise worldwide. The Chemists on our team are highly skilled and can custom create products for an additional fee.

Traditional UV Gels

UV/LED & Soak Offs

Builders in Variety of Pink shades


Top Coats-Shiny and matte

Very white whites


Custom products
Many other types of gels

Nail Polish

UV nail gels-private label