UV Curable Coatings and sealants for specialty applications in manufacturing, high technology and niche markets.  Light curable materials allow for increased productivity and reduced costs/waste.

We offer a wide range of UV Formulated Products, for the following industries:

BEAUTY- UV Nail Gels, 25 years
AUTOMOTIVE- Windshield Repair- Superb resins to repair cracks. Sold for 25 years.
AUTOMOTIVE- Parts Assembly
OPTICAL ADHESIVES- a clear UV/Visible light-curable optical adhesive designed for durable bonding of optical glass and prisms. Sold for 20 years.
GENERAL ADHESIVES- For Plastics, Assembly, etc. For this application the assembly process will increase productivity and reduce waste. Used in appliance assembly for anything from home appliances to cabinets and doors.
UV COATINGS of all types, including coatings for: flooring, cell phones, golf balls, wire, printing, etc.
ELECTRONIC DEVICES- Mounting adhesives

These are a sampling of UV applications. We have developed products for many other applications as well.

These products are all available for private labeling. If you don't see your application listed, we can custom formulate to your needs. Please contact us with any questions.

Custom formulated UV curable products are a specialty service Armbruster Associates Inc. has available. This allows you to create your vision of a UV formulated product.

Allow our team of highly trained Chemists to create a unique product for your desired application with high performance standards. This is a specialty type service we offer in addition to our current line of products.

Consulting Services also offered. A broad range of services available, include contract R&D, feasibility studies, new process development, new product development, technology assessment, legal/expert witness, etc. Our unique team of highly vetted experts are available for counsel. We provide creative and innovative solutions for clients worldwide.
Other Industries Served include, but not limited to:
Adhesives, Automotive, Coatings, Cosmetics
Electronics, Glass, Optical, Medical, Paint, Sealants, Specialty Chemicals




A worldwide supplier to the Uv radiation curing industry