UV CHEMISTRY is our specialty

Our highly skilled chemists collaborate on formulations and ideas,  continually challenging ourselves toward more innovative products and practices.

We are strategically positioned to serve your global needs for light curable products and services.

Located in NJ, US, our R&D laboratory is equipped for testing and formulating R&D projects.


uv nail gels

ARMBRUSTER ASSOCIATES INC.                          established in 1982


Armbruster Associates Inc. was established in 1982 by Dr. David Armbruster, PhD UV Chemist. Following  diversified corporate work experience at Rohm & Haas Co. & Celanese Chemical Co., Armbruster Associates Inc. was founded. Dr. Armbruster and his team of UV professionals help you with YOUR specialized UV needs in UV Curing/Photpolymerization. Our company has served over 200 worldwide clients. These markets/industries include; adhesives, automotive, coatings, cosmetics, glass, medical, sealants, packaging, specialty chemicals and more. Dr. Armbruster has taught his course on UV Radiation Curing all over the world for many years and is well known for his expertise. Other specializations are: adhesives, advanced materials, coatings, inks, organic chemicals, monomers, plastics/photopolymers/polymers, specialty chemicals, emulsion/water based polymers, acrylics, epoxies and urethanes.

Consulting Services available as well as specially formulated UV Products tailored to YOUR industry/application. We create solutions to your UV Radiation Curing needs. We serve many markets, here are a few:


windshield repair

general adhesives

for plastics, assembly